Taken just before we went diving with great whites in Cape Town.

Taken just before we went diving with great whites in Cape Town.


Who are we? 

Well the two of us (two of us being Ben and Arabella, henceforth known as "we") became friends studying journalism at Northwestern University. We had both grown up in California (northern and southern) and bonded over our common love for our West Coast lifestyle—surfboards, trailheads, ski lifts, bottles of good wine, open-topped roadtrips, and technicolor sunsets. Most importantly though, we both loved to travel.

Ben had spent half a year in the Middle East, Arabella spent the same in Vietnam (don't ask her about her motorcycle accident). Our school let us report and work together in Cape Town for 3 months. Iceland, Moab, Jordan, Namibia. Together or separate, we marked hostels bookings and passport stamps like badges of honor. Maybe it was our journalism training. Maybe a love for photography. Either way, we both loved immersing ourselves in the cultures and traditions of the world. And on all of our adventures, we always packed a cheap bottle of wine to properly toast whichever moment we experienced.

So it was no surprise that when we found out about the Basque tradition of mixing red wine and cola to make kalimotxos, we were fascinated. We talked to a Basque friend of ours who told us that kalimotxos had become an icon of Basque culture—a symbol of street dancing, beach parties, barbecues and endless days spent with good friends. We loved it. And MOTXO was born. 

We spent our entire senior year of college working on MOTXO. We bought home brewing equipment and started crushing and mixing spices in our college apartment kitchen. We took over Ben's shared refrigerator for two weeks (don't remind his roommates). We gave out samples at parties and tweaked and developed the recipe. We got great feedback.  We continued to work and improve the flavor. We graduated, packed Arabella's tiny car and roadtripped back to California (kegs, bottle cappers and all!). We kept working every day and night—and the rest is history.

That's our story. We make every bottle of MOTXO with a careful blend of wanderlust, Spanish style, photo albums, friendship and a little California spirit. We hope you enjoy.

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