Introducing: Our New Logo

Today we are excited to unveil our new logo and label design. To us, MOTXO has always been more than just a "wine company". And yes, we know there's a bit of cola mixed in there too. But we created MOTXO because we believe in a certain, modus operandi, a set of rules to give our lives a bit of meaning. Pardon our cliches here, but our rule is that there are no rules—that every day should be an adventure, a risk—that we should always aspire to fill our time with bravery, beauty, joy and love. These moments are what MOTXO is all about and we wanted to make sure our logo reflected that to the utmost. So we put our heads together, listened to your feedback, and, after months of work, created something really new and special.

Here's what it's all about: Not only does the mountain motif inspire us to take bold steps into this great, big world, but it means a little something to us too—childhoods spent trailing our parents in hiking boots too big, moments in solitude and the enrapturing silence that hangs over the California coast line on a crisp spring morning. Of course, those mountains are also a tip of the hat to the mountainous landscape of our drink's Basque origins. 
We added the star because, to us, there is nothing more representative of possibility than the night sky. We've spent so many nights staring at the sky, counting constellations, thinking of the future. We like the idea that those stars might guide you in all your endeavors, MOTXO always in hand of course. 
We have some big dreams and we’re always thinking of the best way to share them with you—this spiffy new logo seems to do the trick. 
Check out some great new imagery and stay tuned for more news on our summer launch! For more pictures and news, follow us on Instagram and Facebook

Until next time,

The MOTXO Team