1. What is MOTXO?

MOTXO is breaking the rules. MOTXO is saying no to doing things the same old boring way. MOTXO is a mix of red wine and cola that we blended and bottled just for you.

2. Where should I drink it?

Anywhere. Everywhere. Drink it wherever the hell you want: fireside, beachside, couchside, mountainside, outside, inside, on rooftops and summer stoops, sunrise, sunset, when you’re dancing all night, with best friends, new friends, boyfriends, girlfriends--it’s up to you.

3. What’s the point?

We think that wine is God’s greatest gift to the world. We want to dance around with our hands in the air singing its praises. But our friends don’t feel the same way. Wine makes them think of claustrophobic dinner parties wearing too tight ties, Dads doing business on the golf course, the clinking of expensive glasses. That made us sad. So we decided to try something different--very different. Unusual, understandable and unpretentious, we made Motxo so everyone--the skeptics, the haters, and our doubtful friends--could enjoy wine the same way we do.

4. How do you pronounce it?

Mō-cho. Say it with us. Mō, then, cho.  Nice, you got it.

5. Where does it come from?

MOTXO is inspired by the kalimotxo [cali-mocho], a red wine and cola mixed drink from the Basque Country of Northern Spain. Over there, the kalimotxo is nothing short of a cultural icon. It's the lifeblood of summer beach parties, bottelón street dancing and community BBQs. Kalimotxo says you should live your life to the fullest. It tells you to sleep when you’re dead. We agree wholeheartedly.

6. What’s in it?

MOTXO is made from a careful blend of red wine and our own craft spiced cola. We use all our favorite cola flavors—citrus peel, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, lavender and more—and leave out all the bad high-fructose stuff you find from the big soda companies. MOTXO is made with natural ingredients and sweetened with real cane sugar. We carefully make our cola with tons of spice flavor and blend in our curated red wine, then carbonate it to give the drink that refreshing bite. Serve it cold, drink it from a glass or straight from the bottle. It’s all good.

7. Where can I find it?

Currently you can find it brewing in our backyard. But MOTXO has some big dreams--look for it to be available in stores and through our website in 2016.

8. Why did you make this?

Once upon a time, we traveled across the seas to spend a spring working in Cape Town, South Africa. There we discovered an almost-utopian world of wine. Wine was inexpensive and understandable, tastings were for free. The more we sipped, the more we learned. We drank watching sunsets and on top of mountains and everything was right with the world. Until we came back to the good ol’ U. S. of A. and realized that Cape Town had been a dream land--back in the states, wine was just as confusing and mysterious as ever.

We made MOTXO because we wanted to make wine easier. Because we were tired of standing on the outside looking in. Because we aren’t afraid of adventure. Because drinking wine should about learning and living and having more than a little bit of fun in the process.

9. Isn’t it sacrilege to mix cola with wine?

Some say sacrilege, we say screw it. The status quo is for squares anyways. It’s weird, different, and delicious and that’s all that really matters.